Oh Andy… ;]

Hmmm. A lot of blogs about people being gay going on here.

…well i can tell you someone who is gay. His name is ANDY and hes gay!

Yeap, gay to the world, people. Andy Madden, gay gay gay.


Seriously! He likes boys, i know because he told me. I know, andy, i know. It’s okay.

It’s okiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Haha. And his ma Mary is mighty fine aswell, might i add. I hope she’s gay ;] Haha only kidding thats sickened. I’ll leave yer ma alone, andy. Your a ruhtard with your stripy trousers ;]

…so. Right now I’m at Isse’s, and she’s like gluing fake nails to her mouth or something. Heh. Loves that pup. Her and her expensive nails, Iz my dear you shouldnt eat all of your nail glue!

I <3’s her. She’s mad now cos she like stuck an earring in her nail glue and now it’s stuck and she cant glue her nails ;]

Haha. She sure is some pup. She’s going to Stockholm in two hours, no time for sleep for us cos she has to pack and I have to go home to clean and make myself food and whatnot. Home alone this weekend, funfunfun? Hah. Gonna take it sleazy.

So… now im bored.

Anywhoo, back to drinking classy wine out of classy wine glasses with my favourite friend from rehab.



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