FUCK that fo sho’z

Man. I havent blogged in yonkerz… so whut’s been uppy in my magical panda world?

Well, it was paddys day on Wed. Epic movie or what? Being the only Irish girl in my school, of course i  had to speak to the class… lulz. I tried not to talk about drink. I really did.

Hah. But then the drinking actually started, the start of the Paddy’s day binge. Huh. Emmela, i loves you lil’ fella.

Soo… i wont go into what happened that day. I wont. But it went to Emmelas and ended up sleeping at Izzys. Who has dropped out of school and moved to the town, bold girl… buut now shes closer to me so ive like practically moved in with her. Yiiii!!

So…… yah. I misses her in school, now im the class retard… we were always on the same page =[

Buut anywizzle, now tis weekend, seeing my daddy for the first time in an age and im like Yiiiiii!!

So… things i hate… Stupid people. It’z like FUCK OFF! Retard.

Pervy old men. Egypt much?? Never go there with out a man. Seriously.

MILEY CYRUS! Die bitch die you dumbfuck whore!

Johnny Rotten. Homophobic racist who beat up my idol Kele Okereke…


Denim shorts on men… No, just no.

TWILIGHT!! It’z like SHUT THE FUCK UP, STEPHENIE MEYER YOU RETARD! Leave us all alone with your retard sparklepires!!


Most recently it’s the band the Hold Steady. Ive come to the conclusion that I’m Indie through and true, i thinks. It sounds so much better than indecided style weirdo. Lulz,

We´ll im bored now, gonna go harass random internet people, me and Johnny’s face internet passtime. Heheehehehehehhe he a fuunny hooka.

Peace anywayz.


Panda the blond and her Emmela..


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