I love Ron Weasley’s face

I just love it. Sure, he’s a ginger, and ger like no eyelashes, but i’m willing to overlook that cos he has the maddest face ever. Its just like gjkadghfkjhadg

Seriously. Ron’s face is gjkadghfkjhadg!! That’s the face he does.

Haha. Rupert Grint’s face is so GklsGDKJ. His children will be effed up.

I swear. His face is the biggest legend ever. I mean, everyone knows that i “dislike” gingers (as well as unattractive girls with three eyebrows, wink wink Johnny) buuut you gotz ta luv Ronald. I meanz lyyk seriallyz. Heez teh coolezt. And i dont like Harry Potter… no morez. ❤

IIihihih he iz teh best. I mean, just LOOK AT THAT FACE!!1!!1  Iihih.

Hah. Well, ill stop blogging about shit now. This has nothing to do with my original blog plans, which was that this would be a writing and music blog. Now itz teh Roonil Wazlib blog. =]

Lolcat. Well, i’ll leave it on that note. Panda.


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