Cute and Cuddly Panda Bear?

I am no cute and cuddly Panda bear. I am a HARDMAN.

You are wrong, Dolly. WRONG.

…What is this random nonsense, you ask. Well I’ll tell you. Apparently being happy over this dude who you’ve been stalking liking you makes you “emotional.”

I dont DO emotional. Sure, like last year i was all like “Ooo i loves him, iiiiiiihihi i’m a crazy stalker!” and he was like “Leelee you’re crazy…”

Buuut now the roles are reversed. I swear. You should read my diary, it’s a subtle progression from “OOOHH HE’Z SO COOL Yaaaya he teztd mii lyyk zomfglg!!11!eleven!11!!!!one!1!!! Twilight rulz” and now its like, “I hate Twilight. I hate emotional boys. Emotional boys suck.”

Haha. Mature Panda. Panda is not EMOTIONAL! So shut upp, Dolly. I know where you live. Seriously.

…Ive been there loads of times. Sometimes you make me wraps.


But seriously. Pandas are not to be messed with. Sure, we may look all cute and cuddly… but we’re not.

Yeah. Thats how emotional i am… my emotions include:




Sometimes I’m all three at once. So, bottom line, Dolly I’m not emotional over that piece of ass. So… yah.

Panda outttt ❤


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