First Update in YONKERS

Yeah like in the title. Posted it as we speak =]

Yeah cos I’m to cool. This update about which i speak is badcore. I hope. Writing has been no priority of mine… Becauuuseeeeeeee—

Last night i didnt go to Savefest. Yeah, me and emmela passed up on an oppertunity to get really fucking twisted and party. It’s weird…

Buuuut instead Isse came to my place, but first we bought out badass waterbong!! Cos we’re cool like that :O Naat. But anyways then in my bathroom (is it just me or does all of the illegal activities happen in there?)  we fixed it and made an attempt at smoking lulz it went okay after a while. I expected Isse to be better at working it, she is in rehab after all.

So then took my comp and bong and went to Emmelas, met her new BF Danne (awh hes great! i so approve xD) and smoked some shiit and then Isse took off all her clothes and it was like oookay isse xD Loves her tho.


So…. then after having the craic with emmela and her squeeze me and isse went back to my house, walking home late midnight, watched Bitch Stewie (he is so isse) then went to sleep…

This morning we slept in (and Isse snores so bad its unreal) and woke up like five mins before school. Went to school… blahdy blah bad day fell asleep in maths blah got VG+ in Sweden blah blah blah was very bored in english blah y english teacher is retaarded blahdy blah. Went home and napped. Im so tiiiired….

Well i have a weeks holiday. Sweden is cool.  So.. Ill be updating mer ofta sen i veckan. Jaja.

So… Yeah sorry bout not being hilaropie johnny. Im to tired to say anything about how much i wish miley was dead… man i hate that dumb bitch.

OH! and yday when me and iz were walking to emmelas some asshole in a car stuck his middle fingers up at us randomly, i was like WTF???>!!! And you dont offend Isse, because she’s a toughie psychopathic crazylady.

So we just proceeded to shout CUNT WHORE BIIITCH and so on and so fouth…. i was like some people are so rude!!! They make me unclassy :O So… updates sometime in the week, okay dear readers?



me trying to break a pillar in egypt

me trying to break a pillar in egypt


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