Go DiE iN HeLL jOhNnY RoTtEn

Meh.. It sucks that i have to hate the SexPistols.

Well… not really. I only ever liked Sid. Johnny Rotten is the biggest cunt ever. Him and Miley Cyrus should like get married or something… cos he’s an old ugly pervert and she’s an 8year old pornstar.

…Gah. Johnny Rotten is not only a bigass pervert, but he wuz bein racial 2 mii tru luv Kele nd dat maid me lyyk supa maad. Him nd hizz dumbfukk racial homies wuzz lyyk on Kele 3 to 1… and wuz bein racist and dats nuut gud…

Bein racial is bad, peeps.  Lyyk supa.

But I lyyk av ta get ta french klass nu coz i wuz at home cuz nun ov mii friends boverd 2 cum 2 skul 2dy, da fukn biznitches.

Yeah… im done talking like a tard now.. So. On the agenda for today: I miss my sister 😦

this is like my fave pic of us atm:

I look weird cos we both wudd a small but drunk….


Misses ya Rosie cant wait to see youu at Easter!




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