Bitch Isse… o i mean Stewie

I dont mean you’re a bitch, Isse, cos you’re not. I looooves you so so so much.

She’s just shockingly similar to Bitch Stewie and it’s unreal. I noticed it today when we were on the bus and she was making faces… and it was like BAM! You are Bitch Stewie.

And i loves her…=] Hiiihihihi…. She’s just so nice. She missed me when I was away, and we randomly ran into eachother on the boat, it’s superfate.

And today, we shmiiilkade, and then went to stan, and then looked at bongs that we wanted, and then ate, and she bought these suuuper loooooovely (she says lovely so funnily) Hello Kitty earphones… and gahh it was noice 🙂

I really will miss that lovely girlie.. when i’m gone and when she drops out of school to become a waitress/stripper… NO ISSE please do not drop out! Mmm =[ I’d be so so sad… She’s the sunshine in my bagle….


And my Emmelaa! I do love that girl. We have so mucho in common… The mad adventures me && her have. I ❤ her so muhc. So much…. ❤

We actually have the most raaaandom times! It’s like, what do we do today? Hmm… we could buy bananas, bake the peels in syrip & smoke them in our endless quest to get high? Sounds like a plan.

Sadly thats a true story from the brief period when me and Em were drug dealers. It was funfunfun tho…. aaaa memories for life. I love her ❤

And Fi… please dont hate me. I’m still the same person…. Cool that you didnt miss me none in Egypt, cool that you werent too psyched when i came back and ruined your peace… but i’m still Panda. Dont judge a book by a cover…

Oh heres a joke Isse told me at lunch today (its translated to english so it makes no sense, but thats whats so funny…. translate to swedish is you want to get it)

Whats the similarities with a Blonde and a Flipflop?

Theyre both nice to put on but theyre nothing you’d go out in public with.




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