Yeasbox! So Egypt was good, im like so tanned its unreal. And i blonded up pretty good aswell….:) the only thing was that the arabs harassed me like every second of the say (towards the end i was too tired tto even be polite to them. It was just like FUCK OFF)  the arab women were lovely, though. 🙂 They give great manicures.

So… apart from scubaing, camel riding, quadding in the desert, causing accidents with quads in the desert, sunbathing, swimming, softaing, shopping, being harassed, visiting them random tombs,all that tourist shit, this week was pretty ordianry.

Came back to sweden and nearly died of the cold. The snow is up to my waist (okay im not that big, but still) and its just so coooolllddddd……….

Having a random convo with Johnny atm. He’s a small bit retatded, lulz. Here’s an extract from our MSN convo:

Jonathan says: arent u lucky

Pandaasaurie says: iiiiiiiiiiiiihihihihhiihihiiiiii

Jonathan says: omg the place is like one big massive poodle outside from all the gay snow melting.. gr

Pandaasaurie says: massive poodle?

the puddle at johnnys house

Jonathan says: no omg how do u spell those water things????????

Pandaasaurie says: hahah i was thinking random poodle at your house… i think you mean puddle

Jonathan says: ya my brain completely went blank i couldnt remember how 2 spell it

The back of johnnys house

its like that outside the back of my hosue now

Lolcat. Peace.



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