The Craic in school…

Is not too good. Gah. I just had an english test, and i think i didnt get MVG (A) because well, i was sposed to read a novel and i didnt, so i guessed what the ending was, and guessed wrong.

Ow well 🙂

Careface… not. Gah. So. Next i have a Samhäll test, and i’m like gahhhhh what the fuck!

So… writing is still nowhere. No. Where. Period. Nothing is happening.



Oh yeah! The most hilaro thing happened on Monday.

We were in Samm and there was this guest speaker, and we were sposed to write smart questions about politics and whatnot… and ofcourse it was me, Isse, Em, and other Em.

This is basically how it went. These were our (pre-prepared) questions.

Emeli O: “What do you think of rapists?”

Me: “Do you want to join my wolfpack?”

Isse: “Why not?”

Lulz. And then smartypants fi was all sayin serious shit and whatnot.



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