Some Shit By A Tired Panda

Okay, I havent blogged in yonkers. Just reading over some older posts, it’s like gahh i just blog about shiiit. Yeeeasbox…

So. What’s happening this week in the magical Panda world?

Writing is still going shit… the only time i have to do it is quite late at night, buut thats my sleeping times… but my sleeping patterns are fucked up. And I’ve been so tired lately…

Kickboxing is like a concentration camp. Jab, cross, hook, THREE SIT UPS!! Jab, cross hook… Now lets do PUSHUPS!!! Kick Higher! Harder!

And then all the tanning… well i suppose that tanning doesent count but it just tires you out.

…and then all the evening running sessions… And then the Nazi gym classes. Today we were like doing stepup bullshit and it’s like gahh….  

So that’s why my writing has been stopping. I just cant spin a coherant  plot or interesting happening when i’m so feckin exhausted…

Buut all is good. For this time next week, i shall be in Egypt, fighting nazis (WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS GIVE ME THOSE EYES -you know those eyes- WHEN I SAY THAT?)  aaand on a Nile cruise, and you know, smoking a pipe. (Yeasbox, i shall buy a pipe, because i’m cool and cool people smoke pipes.)

Man i just cant wait. I shit you not. The snow tar kål på mig… seriöst. I cant take the stupid white stuff falling from the sky anymore.

…but back to the original thaang i was saying.

I’ll continue writing as soon as, i swear, but there will be some long periods without any updates from the ol’ Pandasaur… indeedly. Perhaps after jag kommer tilbaka från Egypten. Jajajaj….

Song for today is Bloc Party’s “Halo”. It facinates and magnatizes me. It’s such a beautiful love song (super high-energy), and nothing to do with Beyonce.

I love you Kele. And shout out to Jonathan, cuz i sedd dat id lyyk mntion hm n mii blg. Hwz da ho? Lulz. (Yeap it’s like our personal joke to talk to eachother like that when we chat. It’s just fun.) Jonathan is basically the biggest legend ever. The legendary conversations we’ve had in the past are quite possibly the most hilarious we’ve ever had.

Oh! And one more thing! I’m getting my car in seven months. Honda CRX, it should be hawesome. I wish this was america where you could get the olä licence when you were 16… me and Johnny (same bday! Soul brothers!) are going to be cruising in our cars (his BMW and my CRX) and ficcing it… Yeasbox. Legend times ahead. 

So. Peace, Love, Empathy,

My Mercury’s in Retrograde…. ❤ (I love you Kele)



One Response to “Some Shit By A Tired Panda”

  1. Bombonella Says:

    Oh I’m sick and tired of the snow as well, seriously. It was fun in the beginning though because it hasn’t snowed like this in the Netherlands for a couple of years now. How I wish I could be on a Nile cruise… *sigh*
    You have loads of fun tho!!

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