Oh the Good Aul Days on the Aul MSN

I just wanted to post this….. random times on MSN 2009 with my badcore buddie Jonathan.

Random times, on bout my son Dinosaur Jr and Jonathans son Gaylord

Pandaa:listen to bloc party SIGNS
the armand van helden remix
its dance music
but by gawwd is it amazing
its so gooooooood

Jonathan: No i am…i lost gaylord…havnt seen him n a few days cant remember were i left him!! or wat drawr i put him n!!!kk!!!!

P: oooooooooooooowwwwwww mann are you neglecting him AGAIN

J: Sssshhhh….they will take him away frm me again!they took him away 1st cause i was an alco but no not again

P: owwwww man dino jr ate my fave yugio card!!!!!!!
BAD DINOSAUR JR!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and Jonathan and Jonathan told me a really MEAN lie!!

Jonathan: Im only messn he didnt txt me!!lol!!i ju wanted 2 make u go like OMG

Pandaa: i hate you
im going to kill your son

J: No u dnt

P: kill kill killJ: Hes prob already dead

P: lol

Me and Jonathan talkin bout my son Dinosaur Jr and his son Gaylord on MSN:

J:I killd gaylord.he was getn on me nerves….big time!!

make him alive again!!
Dino jr needs a friend!!

J: Ok i injected heroin n2 Him dere wait a min…

Me: okay

J: Nope..


J: Im filln his nose wit coke!

Me: dude!!

J: Nope..
Ill give him speed

Me: iiiiiiii

J: Ya hes alive!


Today random

J it did eariler!! !i had a hangover!!Lol!4 a wile!dats not 2 bad if its only a month!

P: i know
youll have a month of soberiety
heres your chance to be a good father

J i no!

L: go to rehabJ fuck dat cunt!social servies took him y-day!cunts

we need to get him bak
he could……he could go to PROPER DECENT PARENTS

J i no!!!!!!nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
hopefully he will run away from dem like he dose 2 me sum times and den he will cum bak 2 me and ill hide him n my bed!bside my aero stash

P dude if he runs away i doubt hell come back to you
you were the one who turned him gheey

J he likes being gay i let him watch gay porn now and he loves me now!!

L dude your awful
wait did you kidnap him

J no im not

P lol you should
do it now
ill wait

J kk

P i think they have him stashed by that gammy old orphanage by your house

J ya ill check dere

P thats where they but the…..slow kids

J ya
dude i lost my parents and dere fones arent on!?!im home alone!!!its all weird

P dude watch out for knackers
they looove you

J y do dey loooove me?? 

L:  cos youre just like them XD

Miss you Johnny! I’ll be back…



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