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I just had to post this.

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On MSN and I’m actually laughing. My tagline thing is “War war  war war, I want to declare a war.” And to that, this is whaa’ 

AM says: a war on WHO? 

Pandaasaurie says: yer ma 

AM says: dat never gets old 

Haha. I got my laugh and thats all that matters.



Cute and Cuddly Panda Bear?

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I am no cute and cuddly Panda bear. I am a HARDMAN.

You are wrong, Dolly. WRONG.

…What is this random nonsense, you ask. Well I’ll tell you. Apparently being happy over this dude who you’ve been stalking liking you makes you “emotional.”

I dont DO emotional. Sure, like last year i was all like “Ooo i loves him, iiiiiiihihi i’m a crazy stalker!” and he was like “Leelee you’re crazy…”

Buuut now the roles are reversed. I swear. You should read my diary, it’s a subtle progression from “OOOHH HE’Z SO COOL Yaaaya he teztd mii lyyk zomfglg!!11!eleven!11!!!!one!1!!! Twilight rulz” and now its like, “I hate Twilight. I hate emotional boys. Emotional boys suck.”

Haha. Mature Panda. Panda is not EMOTIONAL! So shut upp, Dolly. I know where you live. Seriously.

…Ive been there loads of times. Sometimes you make me wraps.


But seriously. Pandas are not to be messed with. Sure, we may look all cute and cuddly… but we’re not.

Yeah. Thats how emotional i am… my emotions include:




Sometimes I’m all three at once. So, bottom line, Dolly I’m not emotional over that piece of ass. So… yah.

Panda outttt ❤


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Oh I’m so happy. Oh yes. So Happy!!

I wont say why… buuut it’s like GIIH!!! IIIKK!!!

Im happier than that fat kid in Willy Wonka when he sees the bg river of chocolate and hes like “MmMMmmmM Ze Shokolaat!!!” and then he falls in… okay im not him when he falls in but the happy period when he was happy about ze shokolaat!!

yeap… imagine thats me but i’m thinner and less ginger. Iiihihihi…..,…… =]

Ahh. IIK!!! yeap…=] well… i should goooo…..=]



I look spycho in that pic. Oh well. I was psycho that day.

First Update in YONKERS

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Yeah like in the title. Posted it as we speak =]

Yeah cos I’m to cool. This update about which i speak is badcore. I hope. Writing has been no priority of mine… Becauuuseeeeeeee—

Last night i didnt go to Savefest. Yeah, me and emmela passed up on an oppertunity to get really fucking twisted and party. It’s weird…

Buuuut instead Isse came to my place, but first we bought out badass waterbong!! Cos we’re cool like that :O Naat. But anyways then in my bathroom (is it just me or does all of the illegal activities happen in there?)  we fixed it and made an attempt at smoking lulz it went okay after a while. I expected Isse to be better at working it, she is in rehab after all.

So then took my comp and bong and went to Emmelas, met her new BF Danne (awh hes great! i so approve xD) and smoked some shiit and then Isse took off all her clothes and it was like oookay isse xD Loves her tho.


So…. then after having the craic with emmela and her squeeze me and isse went back to my house, walking home late midnight, watched Bitch Stewie (he is so isse) then went to sleep…

This morning we slept in (and Isse snores so bad its unreal) and woke up like five mins before school. Went to school… blahdy blah bad day fell asleep in maths blah got VG+ in Sweden blah blah blah was very bored in english blah y english teacher is retaarded blahdy blah. Went home and napped. Im so tiiiired….

Well i have a weeks holiday. Sweden is cool.  So.. Ill be updating mer ofta sen i veckan. Jaja.

So… Yeah sorry bout not being hilaropie johnny. Im to tired to say anything about how much i wish miley was dead… man i hate that dumb bitch.

OH! and yday when me and iz were walking to emmelas some asshole in a car stuck his middle fingers up at us randomly, i was like WTF???>!!! And you dont offend Isse, because she’s a toughie psychopathic crazylady.

So we just proceeded to shout CUNT WHORE BIIITCH and so on and so fouth…. i was like some people are so rude!!! They make me unclassy :O So… updates sometime in the week, okay dear readers?



me trying to break a pillar in egypt

me trying to break a pillar in egypt


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Just on MSN avec mon ami Johnny, heeeeeeeeh hes so funny. I was going to tell him a funny harry potter joke that is so unfunny that i lol’ed my head off at it, buut instead this happened.  

Pandaasaurie says: 
hej man 
knock knock 

 Jonathan says: 
whos there?????? 
im calln the guards
stop knick knackn 

Pandaasaurie says: 
im a tinker 
and i want to steal your doorhandle to sell at the mart 

Jonathan says: 
im pressing the panic button * presssing the panic button* 

 Lolcat. He’s so funny.

Ihhiii… I got my pics from Egypt. I decided that I should end each post with a pic of myself… cos i’m vain and my pics are hilarious.



Moi looking tardo with no makeup in a mask

Moi looking tardo with no makeup in a mask



Go DiE iN HeLL jOhNnY RoTtEn

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Meh.. It sucks that i have to hate the SexPistols.

Well… not really. I only ever liked Sid. Johnny Rotten is the biggest cunt ever. Him and Miley Cyrus should like get married or something… cos he’s an old ugly pervert and she’s an 8year old pornstar.

…Gah. Johnny Rotten is not only a bigass pervert, but he wuz bein racial 2 mii tru luv Kele nd dat maid me lyyk supa maad. Him nd hizz dumbfukk racial homies wuzz lyyk on Kele 3 to 1… and wuz bein racist and dats nuut gud…

Bein racial is bad, peeps.  Lyyk supa.

But I lyyk av ta get ta french klass nu coz i wuz at home cuz nun ov mii friends boverd 2 cum 2 skul 2dy, da fukn biznitches.

Yeah… im done talking like a tard now.. So. On the agenda for today: I miss my sister 😦

this is like my fave pic of us atm:

I look weird cos we both wudd a small but drunk….


Misses ya Rosie cant wait to see youu at Easter!



Bitch Isse… o i mean Stewie

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I dont mean you’re a bitch, Isse, cos you’re not. I looooves you so so so much.

She’s just shockingly similar to Bitch Stewie and it’s unreal. I noticed it today when we were on the bus and she was making faces… and it was like BAM! You are Bitch Stewie.

And i loves her…=] Hiiihihihi…. She’s just so nice. She missed me when I was away, and we randomly ran into eachother on the boat, it’s superfate.

And today, we shmiiilkade, and then went to stan, and then looked at bongs that we wanted, and then ate, and she bought these suuuper loooooovely (she says lovely so funnily) Hello Kitty earphones… and gahh it was noice 🙂

I really will miss that lovely girlie.. when i’m gone and when she drops out of school to become a waitress/stripper… NO ISSE please do not drop out! Mmm =[ I’d be so so sad… She’s the sunshine in my bagle….


And my Emmelaa! I do love that girl. We have so mucho in common… The mad adventures me && her have. I ❤ her so muhc. So much…. ❤

We actually have the most raaaandom times! It’s like, what do we do today? Hmm… we could buy bananas, bake the peels in syrip & smoke them in our endless quest to get high? Sounds like a plan.

Sadly thats a true story from the brief period when me and Em were drug dealers. It was funfunfun tho…. aaaa memories for life. I love her ❤

And Fi… please dont hate me. I’m still the same person…. Cool that you didnt miss me none in Egypt, cool that you werent too psyched when i came back and ruined your peace… but i’m still Panda. Dont judge a book by a cover…

Oh heres a joke Isse told me at lunch today (its translated to english so it makes no sense, but thats whats so funny…. translate to swedish is you want to get it)

Whats the similarities with a Blonde and a Flipflop?

Theyre both nice to put on but theyre nothing you’d go out in public with.