French Is For Retarded Losers

I’m fucking serious. I’ve never been more serious, except for the time i vowed that i would murder Miley Cyrus because she’s a retarded loser.

FRENCH IS SUCH A RETARDED LANGUAGE. Seeeeriously. Aaaand I’m like the only one in my group in this dumbass class. Because… WEll, I’ve been studying french for like six years or summit. And i still suck. That should tell you something, people.

…..I’m in Pandasaurus Rex mode. That means that I’m isolating myself from the class, frowning, sighing angrily every now and then and crossing my arms. I can’t wait for this class to be over. Twilight series in French is just wrong. Sickened Panda.


I’m so angryface. I hate my class. I’m so negative.


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