Hmm. I’d like to start this by sayiong MILEY CYRUS DIE YOU 8-YEAR OLD PORN STAR. She has so reason to exist except as an animal for me to kill. She brings out the worst in me, the usually sweet tempered Vegetarian.

And not a good porn star like Iselin 😉

 …yeah right.

Well, I got to sleep around four. Woke up after listening to the song that is my alarm (Helicopter or summit) and was like “wow what a great song snooore…”

So then I woke up, looked at my phone, and the time was 7.52.

Yeap. I had eight minutes to get dressed, make myself up and get to school.

I’m so smart. So I stuck on a pair of blue sweatpants (for some reason theyre taboo in sweden) a little makeup, no contact lenses so i wore glasses, white converse (where did i get them from?).

Seriously unattarctive panda.

…yeap. and i arrived four minutes late.

OooOo sha. Seriously unattractive, but on time. After Historia ihad a free period for like three hours so i went home, got some shmilkies for me and Isse, bailed her out of her Italian class, and hung out behind the school. Oh yeah. Rebel activity.

Then she wentt back, and i went home to change and make up. So i dressed like i usually do, and made myself up like a doll, god distracted by labtop on bed, and then went back for some more rebel activity, this time with Faiy and Emmeli aswell. I’m so proud of Fi! she usually doesent condone rebel activities.

Soooo a maths lesson later we went to a cafe to chill, Fi got seriously pissed off, me and Fi went and bitched for a while, and then OH BOY we went skiing for gym class.

Not a good  idea for someone like me. I’m such a klútz. nO Jokify. Speaking of which, Jonathan you never called me back. I was all BAHH. Like the sheep. Except on skiis, falling down and getting my ass wet.

…not attractive Panda.

Bah. So yeuh. Me and Isse are like gonna go back to chez moi for a tad, then she’s gonna go to her nerd excercise thing.

(PLease dont hurt me for saying that, Iselin!)

She’s scary. And wears leather jackets. And Shmilkies. lol.

Oh and she like lives in rehab….. lol i love that gal xD

Yes. Ah and i got hit in the head by a basketball.

Okay she’s reading over my shoulder. Scary Mary.


Dead Panda.


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