Ahh the missing Post! It was a good day xD

Friday is no doubt my favourite day of the week. If Friday was a person, it would be that cool dude who everybody wants to be friends with, who throws the raddest parties, gets the girl, gets the grade and still has time left over to kick your ass.

My Friday morning began with an alarm at 6am. After making mysef up as a panda, got my dress and stuck on my snowboots, I set off at 8.30 to go meet a friend. Two minutes and a litre of wine later, we set off for school.

Oh what a lesson we had, oh boy. The giggels set in after two minutes of sitting still. People were telling us to shut the fuck up, but it’s art class, your supposed to be intoxicated one way or the other, arent you?

Aanyways, after managing to escape from doing caligraphy, me ans Emz knallade back to my place. After sobering up, eating some sandwiches and sniffing kittens, we headed back to class, nobody the wiser that we had escaped.

So then after class the girls set off for lunch and I set off to the library to finish my Obama Essay, which fot the record is due in like two minutes, so i’d better run.

Peace, Love, Empathy,



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