Oh yeeahhh

What’s the hippedy hops my deary dears?
I’m listening to ‘Cosmic Love’ by Florence and the Machine. It is so unreally epical it’s like ZOMFGLG. I don’t even know what that means, by the way, so if anyone could inform me I would be like ZOMFGLG so happy. I know OMFGLG means Oh! My! Focking! Gawwd! Loike! Guyzz! But the zeta? Betydelse tack? Mucho appreciato.
Back to what I was saying before my mind decided that what I was writing was a snore fest (I hate you Panda’s evil one-track mind)  okay the song has changed… hold on a sec… okay its Flo & the Mash again.
Okay. It’s unreal. It is actually an EPIC song. If I was ever going on a magical fairy quest I would like totally ZOMFGLG listen to it on my badcore blue iPod. But I don’t suppose thered be electricity in the woods, and the battery would die and id be sad and then I’d get lost in the magical fairy forest and then the chances are that you’d never hear from me again because, lets be honest, I inherited none of that badcore Swedish huntsman-ness forest savvy and whatnot.
It reminds me a little bit of reading Twilight. Or Breaking Dawn (which was a letdown by the bye).
Listen to ‘Cosmic Love’ because as I said its unrealist. (That’s a good thing)
“The Stars! The Moon! They Have all been blown up! You left me in the dark! No Dawn! No Day! I’m always in this twilight, in the shadow of your heart!”

Such a beautiful song. SO SO BEAUTIUL!  And I dont even listen to beautiful music much.
So… Issy was over just about all weekend. We had a badcore schmilky time. Ha ha ha… im so crypitcal. (Incase it isn’t obvious I like to make words better by adding -ical and -ist or -ness or face or whatever pops into my mindface, when it makes no sense. Screw you spell check, your not the boss of me.)

So back to my story… yeah.

Jeez and macaroni! I haven’t writted in yonkers. People say’z I’s iliterit, but being iliterit makes me happyful, so shut your faceface.

…anyways. Something amazingfull happenedface… I got served :O not in a bad way like in South Park, but in a good way like people think I’m over 18, instead of newly turned 16, so I can buy… certain things… in certain shops. I was so proudface of myself.

“It’s ProudFEET!”
*Glares at Hobbit*

In Swedish a Hobbit is a Hob, and the Shire is the Fylke. And every one in LOTR has all these fucked up names in Swedish. Baggins is Bagger. Brandywine is Vinbock. (Okay I may or may not have Sagan om Ringen (The Fellowship pf the Ring) open in front of me.

Do you know the definition of Hobbit in my dictionary is “imaginary little person: in the novels of J. R. R. Tolkien, a member of an imaginary good-natured little people who have brown furry legs and live underground. Tolkien’s most famous hobbits are Bilbo Baggins, the hero of The Hobbit , and Frodo Baggins, the hero of Lord of the Rings.”
And Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, located on the Derwent River. Factness.

Yeah in your face smart people. I knows my aul facts there, lad.

OH! And now somehow my earPod is playing ‘Daniel’ by Bat for Lashes. It reminds me of my bro, Dan, who lives in Ireland. I actually miss that assjerkie.

Why am I listening to so much soppy girl music?
Issy is like so musically retarded. Love her, but she’s like never listened to Nirvanaface, and doesent know the Legend that is Kurdt Kobain.
Fun fact: Before being Nirvana, they were maybe going to be called Incompitent Fools (intentionally misspelled) and I like that. I’m a bit of an Incompitent Fool myself, but I blame that on being Swedish and blonde, a deadly mix.  Oh and you could throw in a bit of Dyslexia. And OAB.
Wait, strike that last one.

LITHIUM. Legendary song.

…I cant wait for Ragnarök. The craic should be mighty.

Peace, Love, Empathy,



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