Christmas is Madcore

Yes, madcore. I said it.

It’s my new word. Its a super-hybrid of badcore and mad.

I shit you now, this is madcore.

My first swedish xmas since i was a wee lass, it didnt dissappoint! Snow, snow, and more snow, presents, oh so many…

And the food!


As i wrote this in my dining room, i am being attacked by two of my kittens, Voldemort and Hiccup Snigel, yeah there goes another pair of tights. Sigh.

Serially, i go through so many pairs. So so many.


Haha, well, i love sweden. I love xmas. I love family.

It’s nice to see my dad and sister.

But… while in different countries to my sister Rosemary, i seemed to forget how much i hated her.

….god i hate her.

(only foolin, Roly Poly!)

HEhehehe…. *nervous laughter*

I wonder… am i going to mass tonight? it’s not christmas if your not forced to go to church.

OOOOO Shallow Hal is oN!!!

i love that movie.

So… yyeeaahhh xD

Happy Christmas, faithful reader!

(*psyeah right*)

Peace, Love, Empathy



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