Baking2fuck ft Emmeli Olsson

Ahhh. Baking. It’s thos kind of sick things me and Emmeli do randomly when left to our own devices. Right now were baking Jul Kola (Xmas cola) and it’s going badassedly.

Measuring ingredients is for losers. And so is sticking to the recipie. Our cola looks… badass.

Newsflash! When I said badass, I should have said bad. Our cola looks… crazy.

Em: “How Much sugar?”

Me: “2dl.”

Em “4 so.”

Yeah, we’e sure going rogue on this one. Em is currently adding more random ingredients, god that gal is badass.

Newsflash! The mix is delish. I just ate a lump of sugar, which is interesting…

The kitchen smells like burnt sugar. And weed. But that’s now what we’re talking about just now.

Yeah, cola is done, now I cant dampa sönder anymore (I think/hope/wish) I swear to god I’m just one big, walking accident. I’m Neville Longbottom Girl. I swear.

Anyhoo. Miley Cyrus should shot. I love BlocParty.

That is all.



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