Badcore Electronica

Okay so Panda here…yeah.

The girls are in Italienska and I’m in the library mailing my history report to Professor Snape… yeah. Badcore.

So… my newest obsession. Electronica. I’ve always had a soft spot for it, but now it’s out of control. Like serially.

I just can’t get enough.

Of you don’t download Intimacy Remixed I’ll kick you, I swear I will. Kick you right in the face.

It is the definition of badcore. Bad-feckin-core. The baddest core around.

(oh and I should proabably just add that Badcore is a word I invented, it’s a genetic hybrid of Badass + Hardcore. I spent months developing it.)

So back to Intimacy Remixed. Bloc Party are my second favourite band of all time, the best band still preforming, I think. They’re amazing. Really amazing. Kele, lead singer, is like my perfect guy. No joke. No, he’s not gay…

Man I love Bloc Party. The Villans remix of Ares is absoloutely amazingly badcore. It’s unreal. Bloody unreal, I tells you.

I shit you not. Listen to it yourself.

Or the Hervé is in Dissaray remix of Mercury… amazing.

Wow factor 100.

Love it. Love it. Love it. Bloc Party are the ultimate band… seriously. A since specemin of Indie Rawk, with an edge of electro (see Flux, Intimacy) and a whole lotta badcore.

Helicopter is the best song ever. I shit you not.


My friends are like waiting for me, we’re going to head back to my place and then… take a walk in the woods…


Well, listen to Bloc Party if you know what’s good for you.

Peace Love Harry Potter

Panda out.


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