I lost my bike key

Sup homedawgz.

Panda here, thanking god for he sound janitor who clipped up my lock. Sound lad.

 Xmas shopping in Stockholm this weekend, it was like total badcore. Major shopping today, badcore gifts for my friends, it’s gonna be a good holiday! So. Xmas. Crazy, huh? I have this problem with wanting to buy everyone everything. Heh lets see how that does melater in life we I’m 30, broke, and married to my bestfriend Fergal.

Ahh Fergal. I haven’t chatted to that crazy boxfish in a log, long, time. Sound lad. Going to make a fine hubby for me some day. Oh yes, it’s all planned out.

He’ll have this amazing job being president or curing AIDS something, and I’ll be the rockstar. Two kids, Edward and Jacob. Hah, no, a boy and a girl named Cillian and Freyja, and we’ll live in Sweden… Ferg wants a couple women on the side, but were still working on that.

Oh what a life it shall be. And Ferg will be taller then, too. I hope. We shall listen to badcore music all day and watch Hotrod… and have a dog. Yes, a siberean husky, and I shall name him… Jesus.

So I’m pretty happy. I’m marring a sound lad. And that means that all the girls who couldnt see how badcore he was in Secondry School are missing out on him.

So my advice is get him while you can.

You now who I’m talking about.

Peace, Love, Empathy,



One Response to “I lost my bike key”

  1. Dude i was ju reading ure blogs dere on my pphone nd guess what?? My cuzn works in the uni of oxford trying 2 cure aids ao ill loike put n a good word 4 fergs

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