So. This is retarded.

So yeah. I worte this big long badcore blog, and deleted it bynaxident. Fuck that shit too, now I’m mad.

It was all about my drunken adventures in art class thismorning, and some Miley bashing, but now… fuck that shit too.

So… now I’m just gonna list some things that I don’t like.

1. Manga.

I mean… It’s weird. I don’t trust it. My homeboy Fifi is all into that shit, and i tried to read it, and guess what? I fatta noll. It’s read backwards, upside down, back the front, and the charectors all look the same and are all called like Chirikari Ubikara and Toyota Celica and all this confusing shit, that I have no idea who is who and who is who’s cousin.

From what I’ve observed, there are very limited charectors in no matter what manga you read.

The overly bubbly and ditsy girl who’s also totally useless and is there for boobs.

The strong and silent male warrior

The stupid warrior in training (often times the main character)

The happy go lucky kid who seems totally weak but really has some kind of crazy superpower and effortlessly kicks ass. (often times looses this power to pave the way for the main charcter to be the hero)

Shitty philosophy from useless female character

Someone’s mom (see overly butch and dominating female)

The evil guy who all the girls like, is really powerful, and is a total gaywad

Some guy who yells to gain more power.

Annoying and stating-the-obvious explain/*gasp* character.

A teen trying to put these little creatures in the balls.

The ghost from a television.

The enormous sword

The only black guy

The big, shiny eyes with pupils that retract and dilate every half-second

The fugly monsters

Teens with the ability to overpower adults

The only Asian guy (you know the one who ALWAYS has his eyes closed, damn sleep walker…)

The guy who cross dresses and looks like a complete hot chick (jailbait anyone?)

The really REALLY smart guy who thinks for twenty entire pages in paragraph form

Manga excludes most forms of physical ugliness.

(Thank you uncyclopedia, you read my mind!)

2. Miley Cyrus.

She should be no.1  because she annoys the crap outta me. Seriously, if you haven’t notice by now, I seriously dislike that girl.

3. History

Because my history lessons are in the dungeon with Snape every Tuesday and Friday.

4.   My brickphone

Because the down button doesen’t work.

5. French

Because… just because.

6. Moody Fifi

Because she had her sourpuss on all day, and got all mad at me and drew quite unflattering pictures of moi and Jizzie in maths, and then threw paper at us and was a very very sour puss. Meow!

Yeah well rant over.

Peace Love Empathy



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