Today is a good day:)

Well I suppose to the untrained observer today, Thursday the 3rd of December, is a regular day. Well fuck you, untrained observer, today is a good day.

This morning I had a free period, so i didnt have to get up at 7 to make myself up, because technically I only had one class today in the afternoon. So I slept in anyways, until i was so rudely awakened by my brickphone vibrating, waking me up.  Fifteen minutes later and after one intrusion of my privacy by a friend who came over ridiculously early in the morning (I still love you, Em, dont worry!) and after sniffing kittens for a while, we set out on a quest for school, making merry along the way. I was going to ditch that particular class but i went along anyways… it was only like 15 mins long, luckily xD

So then, joined by Emelie L, we sat in the couches, talked loudly about our “son”, got embarrased as said “son” walked by, and then finally we set out for the caf. Two sandwiches and a bowl of soup later, it was time for them to go to Italian, and me, not having the energy to walk thirty seconds to my house, I went to the school library to study like a good girl.

Well, I guess we can all see how that turned out. I opened my essay on Kurt Cobain thats due for my Svenska lesson this afternoon, and was instantly bored to death. I mean, Kurt, you know I love you, but it gets a bit monotonous writing about Nirvana’s influences in Swedish after like three months of “working” in it. So instead, I opened up my Facebook and then proceeded to write this blog, taking only a momentary break to cringe and send a message to my “son’s” father (Emmeli) when said “son” came in to the library to do some work.

But anyways, as I said at the beginning of this post, today is a good day. As far as I know, Miley Cyrus could be dead. I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but a girl can dream, cant she? I only have one class inthe afternoon, and tomorrow is Friday, which means that I have two and a half hours of Art class in the morning, and thats always nice. I’m getting my iPod back, after weeks of looking for it, I think I may know where it is in that blackhole that is my room.  

I’m going off to meet my friends soon, and no matter what any anti-social weirdo tells you, friends are the most important thing in this world. Without them, it’s hardly worth it, isnt it?

So even if everything doesent go as you planned, be it losing your sleep in or whatever, it’s going to be okay. And that’s why it’s a good day. 

Anyways, my friends get out of class in five minutes, so I’ll finish up here with some wise words of wisdom.

Don’t eat yellow snow.

That is all.


Panda out.


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