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Christmas is Madcore

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Yes, madcore. I said it.

It’s my new word. Its a super-hybrid of badcore and mad.

I shit you now, this is madcore.

My first swedish xmas since i was a wee lass, it didnt dissappoint! Snow, snow, and more snow, presents, oh so many…

And the food!


As i wrote this in my dining room, i am being attacked by two of my kittens, Voldemort and Hiccup Snigel, yeah there goes another pair of tights. Sigh.

Serially, i go through so many pairs. So so many.


Haha, well, i love sweden. I love xmas. I love family.

It’s nice to see my dad and sister.

But… while in different countries to my sister Rosemary, i seemed to forget how much i hated her.

….god i hate her.

(only foolin, Roly Poly!)

HEhehehe…. *nervous laughter*

I wonder… am i going to mass tonight? it’s not christmas if your not forced to go to church.

OOOOO Shallow Hal is oN!!!

i love that movie.

So… yyeeaahhh xD

Happy Christmas, faithful reader!

(*psyeah right*)

Peace, Love, Empathy



Baking2fuck ft Emmeli Olsson

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Ahhh. Baking. It’s thos kind of sick things me and Emmeli do randomly when left to our own devices. Right now were baking Jul Kola (Xmas cola) and it’s going badassedly.

Measuring ingredients is for losers. And so is sticking to the recipie. Our cola looks… badass.

Newsflash! When I said badass, I should have said bad. Our cola looks… crazy.

Em: “How Much sugar?”

Me: “2dl.”

Em “4 so.”

Yeah, we’e sure going rogue on this one. Em is currently adding more random ingredients, god that gal is badass.

Newsflash! The mix is delish. I just ate a lump of sugar, which is interesting…

The kitchen smells like burnt sugar. And weed. But that’s now what we’re talking about just now.

Yeah, cola is done, now I cant dampa sönder anymore (I think/hope/wish) I swear to god I’m just one big, walking accident. I’m Neville Longbottom Girl. I swear.

Anyhoo. Miley Cyrus should shot. I love BlocParty.

That is all.


Badcore Electronica

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Okay so Panda here…yeah.

The girls are in Italienska and I’m in the library mailing my history report to Professor Snape… yeah. Badcore.

So… my newest obsession. Electronica. I’ve always had a soft spot for it, but now it’s out of control. Like serially.

I just can’t get enough.

Of you don’t download Intimacy Remixed I’ll kick you, I swear I will. Kick you right in the face.

It is the definition of badcore. Bad-feckin-core. The baddest core around.

(oh and I should proabably just add that Badcore is a word I invented, it’s a genetic hybrid of Badass + Hardcore. I spent months developing it.)

So back to Intimacy Remixed. Bloc Party are my second favourite band of all time, the best band still preforming, I think. They’re amazing. Really amazing. Kele, lead singer, is like my perfect guy. No joke. No, he’s not gay…

Man I love Bloc Party. The Villans remix of Ares is absoloutely amazingly badcore. It’s unreal. Bloody unreal, I tells you.

I shit you not. Listen to it yourself.

Or the Hervé is in Dissaray remix of Mercury… amazing.

Wow factor 100.

Love it. Love it. Love it. Bloc Party are the ultimate band… seriously. A since specemin of Indie Rawk, with an edge of electro (see Flux, Intimacy) and a whole lotta badcore.

Helicopter is the best song ever. I shit you not.


My friends are like waiting for me, we’re going to head back to my place and then… take a walk in the woods…


Well, listen to Bloc Party if you know what’s good for you.

Peace Love Harry Potter

Panda out.

I lost my bike key

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Sup homedawgz.

Panda here, thanking god for he sound janitor who clipped up my lock. Sound lad.

 Xmas shopping in Stockholm this weekend, it was like total badcore. Major shopping today, badcore gifts for my friends, it’s gonna be a good holiday! So. Xmas. Crazy, huh? I have this problem with wanting to buy everyone everything. Heh lets see how that does melater in life we I’m 30, broke, and married to my bestfriend Fergal.

Ahh Fergal. I haven’t chatted to that crazy boxfish in a log, long, time. Sound lad. Going to make a fine hubby for me some day. Oh yes, it’s all planned out.

He’ll have this amazing job being president or curing AIDS something, and I’ll be the rockstar. Two kids, Edward and Jacob. Hah, no, a boy and a girl named Cillian and Freyja, and we’ll live in Sweden… Ferg wants a couple women on the side, but were still working on that.

Oh what a life it shall be. And Ferg will be taller then, too. I hope. We shall listen to badcore music all day and watch Hotrod… and have a dog. Yes, a siberean husky, and I shall name him… Jesus.

So I’m pretty happy. I’m marring a sound lad. And that means that all the girls who couldnt see how badcore he was in Secondry School are missing out on him.

So my advice is get him while you can.

You now who I’m talking about.

Peace, Love, Empathy,


So. This is retarded.

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So yeah. I worte this big long badcore blog, and deleted it bynaxident. Fuck that shit too, now I’m mad.

It was all about my drunken adventures in art class thismorning, and some Miley bashing, but now… fuck that shit too.

So… now I’m just gonna list some things that I don’t like.

1. Manga.

I mean… It’s weird. I don’t trust it. My homeboy Fifi is all into that shit, and i tried to read it, and guess what? I fatta noll. It’s read backwards, upside down, back the front, and the charectors all look the same and are all called like Chirikari Ubikara and Toyota Celica and all this confusing shit, that I have no idea who is who and who is who’s cousin.

From what I’ve observed, there are very limited charectors in no matter what manga you read.

The overly bubbly and ditsy girl who’s also totally useless and is there for boobs.

The strong and silent male warrior

The stupid warrior in training (often times the main character)

The happy go lucky kid who seems totally weak but really has some kind of crazy superpower and effortlessly kicks ass. (often times looses this power to pave the way for the main charcter to be the hero)

Shitty philosophy from useless female character

Someone’s mom (see overly butch and dominating female)

The evil guy who all the girls like, is really powerful, and is a total gaywad

Some guy who yells to gain more power.

Annoying and stating-the-obvious explain/*gasp* character.

A teen trying to put these little creatures in the balls.

The ghost from a television.

The enormous sword

The only black guy

The big, shiny eyes with pupils that retract and dilate every half-second

The fugly monsters

Teens with the ability to overpower adults

The only Asian guy (you know the one who ALWAYS has his eyes closed, damn sleep walker…)

The guy who cross dresses and looks like a complete hot chick (jailbait anyone?)

The really REALLY smart guy who thinks for twenty entire pages in paragraph form

Manga excludes most forms of physical ugliness.

(Thank you uncyclopedia, you read my mind!)

2. Miley Cyrus.

She should be no.1  because she annoys the crap outta me. Seriously, if you haven’t notice by now, I seriously dislike that girl.

3. History

Because my history lessons are in the dungeon with Snape every Tuesday and Friday.

4.   My brickphone

Because the down button doesen’t work.

5. French

Because… just because.

6. Moody Fifi

Because she had her sourpuss on all day, and got all mad at me and drew quite unflattering pictures of moi and Jizzie in maths, and then threw paper at us and was a very very sour puss. Meow!

Yeah well rant over.

Peace Love Empathy


Today is a good day:)

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Well I suppose to the untrained observer today, Thursday the 3rd of December, is a regular day. Well fuck you, untrained observer, today is a good day.

This morning I had a free period, so i didnt have to get up at 7 to make myself up, because technically I only had one class today in the afternoon. So I slept in anyways, until i was so rudely awakened by my brickphone vibrating, waking me up.  Fifteen minutes later and after one intrusion of my privacy by a friend who came over ridiculously early in the morning (I still love you, Em, dont worry!) and after sniffing kittens for a while, we set out on a quest for school, making merry along the way. I was going to ditch that particular class but i went along anyways… it was only like 15 mins long, luckily xD

So then, joined by Emelie L, we sat in the couches, talked loudly about our “son”, got embarrased as said “son” walked by, and then finally we set out for the caf. Two sandwiches and a bowl of soup later, it was time for them to go to Italian, and me, not having the energy to walk thirty seconds to my house, I went to the school library to study like a good girl.

Well, I guess we can all see how that turned out. I opened my essay on Kurt Cobain thats due for my Svenska lesson this afternoon, and was instantly bored to death. I mean, Kurt, you know I love you, but it gets a bit monotonous writing about Nirvana’s influences in Swedish after like three months of “working” in it. So instead, I opened up my Facebook and then proceeded to write this blog, taking only a momentary break to cringe and send a message to my “son’s” father (Emmeli) when said “son” came in to the library to do some work.

But anyways, as I said at the beginning of this post, today is a good day. As far as I know, Miley Cyrus could be dead. I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but a girl can dream, cant she? I only have one class inthe afternoon, and tomorrow is Friday, which means that I have two and a half hours of Art class in the morning, and thats always nice. I’m getting my iPod back, after weeks of looking for it, I think I may know where it is in that blackhole that is my room.  

I’m going off to meet my friends soon, and no matter what any anti-social weirdo tells you, friends are the most important thing in this world. Without them, it’s hardly worth it, isnt it?

So even if everything doesent go as you planned, be it losing your sleep in or whatever, it’s going to be okay. And that’s why it’s a good day. 

Anyways, my friends get out of class in five minutes, so I’ll finish up here with some wise words of wisdom.

Don’t eat yellow snow.

That is all.


Panda out.